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Our Leadership Programs

​Oya Leadership programs are designed to create a dynamic space to actualize the goals of professional women. We provide safe and supportive learning environments and the tools, techniques, and roadmap to support women in their success. The tenor and approach of all Oya Leadership programs are based on appreciative inquiry -- leveraging strengths in alignment with aspirations, cognitive change, and action steps. The experience we offer is focused on respect, accountability, individual strengths, and standards of excellence, with the goal of supporting participants to safely challenge themselves in the acquisition of new skills, competencies, and unprecedented levels of confidence and resilience.

Foundational Virtual Cohort Program

The Holistic Woman Program 

In this program, we look through a holistic lens, taking into account all facets of your life that impact your overall wellness.  The Holistic Woman Program is built on a foundation of wellness and creating a space for you to explore all dimensions that make up your life in a safe and caring environment. 

The Holistic Woman Program includes: 

  • One Assessment  

  • Wellness & Professional Intake 

  • Weekly lessons focusing on the dimensions of holistic wellness with “homework” designed to immediately practice what you learn

  • Weekly group coaching and community connections

  • Three private 1x1 sessions 

  • Yoga Morning Salutations and Daily Intentions

  • Monthly membership for nine months following program completion

Program Length 

12 weeks

Program Cost 
$2975/per person
Corporate Packages 
Call for a custom quote
Leadership and Management Development 

Our skill-building, management, and leadership programs are uniquely designed to introduce key concepts and practices grounded in Appreciative Inquiry underpinning successful performance and interactively engaging participants in the execution and application of them. This approach grounds participants in theory and knowledge of the targeted development principles while building the professional "muscle memory" to sustain behavioral change and improved performance.  

Program Length 

12 weeks

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