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Our Purpose

Simply put, our purpose is to meaningfully and substantially improve the lives of professional women. We provide safe, supportive and inspiring learning environments and the tools, techniques and roadmap to support women in their success.


Our team has over 100 years of experience working in various intense and demanding industries. Oya Leadership Programs are specifically designed to help you build and practice your ability to stay centered, focused and resilient in both everyday and high stress situations. Oya Leadership Programs also prioritizes an appreciative and uplifting and productive approach and work style allowing you to maintain a resilient mindset while helping others to do the same. We are dedicated to providing you with the tools and mindset to perform and excel in whatever field and or environment you choose. 

What We Do


Oya Leadership Programs are specifically designed to balance the fundamental needs of self and career while approaching life from the inside out.

Oya Leadership Objectives:

  • Provide an environment where you can safely push yourself and practice new approaches

  • Embed wellness practices into all regular routines and goal planning 

  • Uncover, understand and leverage your strengths

  • Strengthen and reinforce personal and professional baseline competence

  • Elevate assertion skills, negotiation strategies and communication techniques

  • Build a playbook to achieve and sustain your professional and life goals


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PHONE NUMBER: 617 922 6224


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