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Oya Leadership's Flagship Retreat At Calcot & Spa

Our Approach

The Oya Leadership approach employs multiple disciplines and high-level programming in a positive learning environment designed to bring out authentic, powerful, and resilient attributes in women. 


The core objective of Oya Leadership Retreats is to enhance each participant’s performance and inner drive to grow and realize goals in accordance with core values, purpose, and authentic style.


Along the learning journey, participants will develop customized skills and the necessary components to build a targeted roadmap and personal/professional playbook to guide them toward the realization of their short and long-term goals.​





About Our Name

In Yoruban mythology, Oya is the goddess of many things, including female leadership, persuasion, and transformation. She is the goddess of the Winds of Change and Queen of the Marketplace; protector of women. Women who find themselves in conflict or in need for change may call on Oya for protection and guidance. 


Meditation to Oya:


Oya, Lady of Storms,

Oya, Bringer of Change,

Oya, Warrior of Women,

You who command the winds

And protect the souls of the dead

You whose domain is the tornado, the storm, the thunder,

I thank you for your presence tonight

Your wise words, listening ear, and instigation of change.

Peace, Oya, and Farewell! 

Meet The Team

Monica Pic Nov 8 2016 v2.JPG

Monica Molina Austin

  • Monica LinkedIn Profile

Honored to work with professionals seeking an authentic professional and leadership style and career strategies.


Caroline Jensen McAlister

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Energized by multi-prong complex challenges and opportunities.  Grounded by staying focused and embracing self-care and love.

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Jennifer Gingrass Price

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Driven to keeping it real in work and play.  Navigating a male dominated field for more than two decades.

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Liesl Lau Guting

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Inspired by complex and fast moving challenges.  Determined to bring order to chaos.


Jade Genevieve Austin

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Captivated by the play between creativity and brevity. Committed to animal training and independent learning.

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